Each year Warwick Mop Fair works with local schools. Once again Warwick children had the opportunity to enter a colouring competition to win free rides on Mop day, along with a host of other goodies. We’d like to thank everyone who entered and congratulate the four winners and four runners up!

Once again we’ve had a very large response from local school children and the Mayor commented that choosing the winners was one of the hardest tasks she’d had so far!


The proceeds of the auction for the first slice of meat from the pig roast is donated to the Mayor's Charity. Each year other charitable activities are carried out. In this picture the Town Crier and one of the showmen were sponsored by the Mop organiser to ride the reverse bungee. This saw them catapulted into the air, high above the building in Warwick's town centre.


We’d like to give a special thank you to Taj & Raj Dhillon from Warwick News and Wine for displaying the winner’s pictures in their shop window for the duration of the fair, they’re open into the evening during the two Mop Fairs should anyone wish to pop along and see the pictures.

As in previous years we gave the children the chance to tell us why they like Warwick Mop Fair and below are some of the best replies we received!

“There are lots of fun rides and they sell candy floss and I love candy floss! Plus it’s a traditional fair”  Ruby age 9

“It has fantastic thrilling rides and the bright lights fill the winter sky” Katy age 10

“It’s fun, has lots of rides, loads of bright lights and only comes once a year, that’s why it’s very exciting”  Tamzin age 11

“It’s nice when family, friends and the whole community can get together, have fun, win prizes and go on some amazing rides” Kimberley age 11

“It is full of colour, its fun and makes me happy!” Zaihab age 5

“It puts a smile on everybody’s face and lights up the night. Also if falls on my birthday!!” Reece age 9

“I get to go on loads of rides and get loads of sweets. I love the Mop” Lilly age 7

“There are lots of fun rides and it’s free admission. Anyone can come and I look forward to it every year!” Lucy age 10

“I like the rides and toys, but most of all you spend time with your family” Talia age 8

“It is a bright and colourful event with rides for people of all ages and is great fun for everyone! It also brings the whole community together like a huge party” Lyra age 10

“It brings joy to the town and I like spending time with my family” Jessica age 7

“It’s a (mop and) bucket load of fun on our doorstep” Zachary age 7

“I live near it and love the rides” Holly age 10

“It’s fun and exciting and a change from the ordinary” Sapphire age 10

“I have been for 8 years and my dad has been for 30 years and I like all the rides” Liam age 9